Is this what happened to Newt?

Whatever happened to newt? We think we have the answer. First some background info.

In 2011 Pixars latest picture Newt was due to be released. About two Newts tasked with repopulation of their kind. It bounced around the studio for a couple of years going through a couple of directors. Before being dropped. The directors said they couldn’t make the stort work. This seems more plausible than the other rumour that they cancelled it due to the release of Rio.

So Newt was gone, not without a couple of cameos as a road sign in Toy Story 3, and an actual Newt used in Brave, the film that took it’s spot.

But then came Frozen 2, and the character Bruni and the resemblance is undeniable.

Eyes same colour, although bigger.
Same nostrils
Blue feet of Newt now the full body colour
Same body and head shape
Same smile
4 toes, although shorter.

I think Disney and Pixar found a way to reuse the forgotten character. What do you think to this theory?

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