Newest Disney Releases From Thomas Kinkade Studios

Thomas Kinkade Studios are the finest of painters you will find, with a long tradition of producing high quality Disney artwork filled with hidden easter eggs. Often featured in Disney Parks. Their work ranges from limited edition canvas artwork, to canvas wraps, prints, even calendars and other gifts. Their collection is exceptional with something for every Disney fan, here are just some of their newest releases. Including a new Lady and tge Tramp which celebrates a big anniversary this month.

Star Wars Rey of hope
Aladdin Jasmine dancing in the desert sunset
Lady and the Tramp falling in love
Lion king Return to pride rock
Star Wars The Duel Rey vs Ren
Beauty and the Beast Winter Enchantment
And there are many many more.

Visit them at or @thomaskinkade on social media.

Image: Our own Lady and the Tramp Thomas Kinkade.

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