Interview with Beyond the Pixie Dust: Disney Springs Reopening

Disney Springs Reopening with Beyond the Pixie Dust

@comexplorers Beyond the Pixie Dust

Today we have a very special feature in our interview series. I’ll be chatting with the lady behind Beyond the Pixie Dust. She recently returned to Disney Springs to experience just it’s second day of reopening and subsequent visits. I wanted to get her take on the experience to share with all of you readers of the site and our social media. So let’s get this started thick and fast.

COME: How was the screening upon entry?

BTPD: The screening was easy! Each time I’ve visited, there has been no line in the Orange & Lime garage. You just step on the line telling you where to stand, the cast member puts the thermometer to your forehead, and you can go on your way into the springs!

COME: Sounds like they got that system down really fast, so how busy was it compared to normal?

BTPD: I have visited Disney Springs a few times now, but on my last visit, the crowds were low! 

COME: What were lines like to get in stores. How did they manage social distancing?

BTPD: When they re-opened the World of Disney, it was CROWDED, and it was hard to social distance, but I managed. But after re-opening day, there was no line to get into the stores, and social distancing was being maintained very well.

COME: I can imagine the crowds in WOD. How did you navigate stores?  How were you encouraged to keep apart?

BTPD: They have one entrance into the World of Disney to manage the crowds if necessary. I didn’t purchase anything but to buy something; they did apply a one-way system.

COME: How did cast members assist during the day?

BTPD: I didn’t ask or need assistance with a cast member during my visits. But cast members did ask if I needed help with anything and said hello staying 6ft away.

COME: It’s good that they were on the ball and checking in. I know they worked hard training dedicated teams just for this purpose. So we’ve discussed stores, how about eating, did you eat in a restaurant? If so which one and how did they adapt to social distancing. 

BTPD: I have had Blaze Pizza on my recent visit. They have employees helping the guest to social distance in line, marked tape on the floor to regulate distance to the employee making your pizza, they added a sneeze guard in front of the register, and once you pay, they also have someone to fill your drink. They also have guests sitting at every other table to help social distance.

COME: This is awesome, they really did think of everything, I especially like the register guards where social distancing may not be possible. And having someone fill your drinks is a really great touch and just shows how far the staff are going to help guests.

I’m sure a lot of people thinking about going to Disney Springs will be worried that the new measures will lessen their regular employment. Did you find this at all?

BTPD: No, not at all. 

COME: We’ve discussed how well staff helped to follow the guidelines, but how about guests? 

BTPD: When the World of Disney store opened, it felt like guest we’re doing their own thing. But haven’t seen that during my other visits.

COME: I guess guidance from Cast members would have a lot to do with that could cast members have improved your visit?

BTPD: Disney’s cast members have been fantastic at every visit, nothing to improve, in my opinion. 

COME: Will you be going back soon?

BTPD: Yes! Many other food locations and stores are starting to open, and I’m excited to eat more places. 

COME: Do you have any final tips you would like to share?

BTPD: KEEP YOUR MASK ON & be kind to everyone! I’m not going to lie and say it’s easy to keep the mask on in this Florida heat, but if you’re willing to go and explore Disney Springs, follow the guidelines and keep your distance! There is plenty of places to relax, take your mask off, and enjoy food or a beverage. It helps taking brakes when wearing a mask. In the long run, maintaining these precautions will help things get back to a new normal! Be safe! 

COME: Very wise advice. Well thank you so much. Where can people find you on Social Media?

BTPD: Follow me at Beyond The Pixie Dust on Instagram, Facebook, and TikTok to see my recent information about my adventures

That was our chat, it was very eye opening. I’m thankful that cast members are not only doing an amazing job but keeping the experience of Disney Springs alive. Thank you again to Beyond the Pixie Dust, do follow her for much more of her adventures around Disney World she has some really great content.

Image:Jennifer Lynn

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