10 Disney Characters Who Beat Lockdown

As much of the world begins to transition out of lockdown with schools, stores and soon Disney Parks reopening. We thought we would take a look at those in Disney who also went through a lock down. While ours has lasted a few months and counting. This list covers those locked down significantly longer. There’s 10 in total, so let’s get started.

Honorable Mentions

Jessie – Toy Story?: Jessie’s story is rather tragic, not only was she dumped by her kid in a box but she ended up in the hands of a collector “the chicken guy” and dumped in a box in storage. We don’t have an exact time period but it is certainly one of the more traumatic examples on this list.

Aurora – Sleeping Beauty ?: We all know the story. Princess picks her finger, falls asleep until woken by her princes kiss. Had this been the original story this would be way up the list with her sleep lasting 100 years. However in Disneys version the length of time is unclear. But being locked down while asleep isn’t going to be a fun time.

8th Place: Han Solo – 1 Year: Poor old Han was frozen in carbonite and displayed by Jabba before being rescued. Disney cannon has this period being about a year in time. At least we aren’t frozen!

7th Place: Elsa – 3 Years: We know the time between Elsa locking herself up and opening the gates is about 3 years as Anna was 15-18 during that time. Sure having a castle is handy but wether she ever left her room in this time is unclear.

6th Place: Beast – 10 Years: Again another character who would have not been to bad off having a castle to explore while self exiled. However the malting must have been a pain. Sure 10 years sounds odd as he must have been 11 when cursed. But Lumiere put it in a song and everything so it sticks.

5th Place: Jasmine – 16 Years. Here we take a 6 year leap. Jasmine was around 16 during the events of Aladdin and as stated herself, she had never been outside the castle walls. Again you’ll find many in this list lucky to have a castle to hang out in. But it must have been a tough time with only a tiger to talk to.

4th Place: Titans – Hercules 16 Years+: Ok they were bad guys, so don’t feel too bad. Zeus defeated the titans and had them locked away until Hades unleashed them only to be defeated again by Hercules. They would have done some serious time under. With Hercules being about 16 in the film it’s got to be at least this long.

3rd Place: Rapunzel – 18 Years: No castle this time but a single tower. Sure she seemed particularly happy for someone locked up for 18 years, with their hair used as a climbing rope. Inspirational for us all.

2nd Place: Quasimodo – 20 Years: Taken as a baby, poor Quasi was forced to stay locked in the towers of Notre dame. Sure he got to see down to the people buy clearly they didn’t see him. With only Gargoyles as his friends this must have been an extremely tough time.

So we’ve had tales of being locked in a box, frozen, solitary confinement and more. With up to 20 years in lockdown. This seems insane to those of us experiencing just a few months. But there is one more. And he blows all that came before out the water….

1st Place….Genie – 10,000 Years
That’s enough to give you a crick in the neck right? Yes the big blue guy is the undisputed champion of lockdown. Stuck in his lamp, inside a magical hidden cave in the desert. Tough break. Genie finally getting his release is one of Disney films most touching moments, and deserving of this top spot.

So what do you think? Did you think of anyone we missed out? Let us know in the comments and across social media.

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