Star Wars Release Date Trivia

At this point we have had 43 years of Star Wars movies. And in that time a ton of cool trivia is out there. Even down to release dates, which we will look at now.

Return of the Jedi released exactly 6 years after A New Hope.

The same happened in the Prequels with Revenge of the Sith releasing 6 years exactly after Phantom Menace.

The sequels broke the pattern with a 4 year gap.

Phantom menace released 22 years after New Hope.

As did Attack of the Clones releasing 22 years after Empire Strikes Back.

And you guessed it Revenge of the Sith came 22 years after Return of the Jedi.

In the biggest stretch of time, the characters of Han Solo and Chewie appeared in Solo 41 years to the day that New Hope released.

I am sure the movie marketers had many of these dates in mind to tie in releases. But many of the dates lining up is super cool. Almost a balance of the force you could say.

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