Is there a Pixar Multi-Verse?

Crazy theory alert!

So if you recently watched the new Pixar movie Onward. You may well have spotted a certain rat like chef in the Tavern aka Remy!
This blows open a plethora of scenarios.

The films Ratatouille and Onward share the same universe. In Onward the big thing is about normal life as we know it leaving magic behind. So if Remy is in Onward, does that mean the world of Ratatouille also used to be magical?
But why I hear you say are there no humans in Onward then. Well this could be explained, simply there is nothing in Onward to say humans DON’T exist. Maybe they just live in different parts of the world. Yeah I know this sounds a bit fish, so I’ll tie this theory up nicely.

The worlds of Ratatouille and Onward DO share a universe. A multi-verse. The Remy we see in Onward is that universes version of the Remy we know from Ratatouille. And if you look closely Ian from Onward looks an awful lot like Linguine from Ratatouille. Maybe Ian is Onwards version of Linguine!. He just hasn’t met Onward Remy yet.

So yeah in out opinion Remy and Onward just blew open the Pixar Multiverse. Would also explain why the Pizza Planet van gets everywhere, each universe has it’s own. Even in Onward it’s called Pizza Realm.

So if Onward and Ratatouille represent two worlds in the Pixar Multi-verse. Maybe there are other worlds. Maybe a world that is run by Monsters who make people scream, or a world where Cars are king. Possibilities are endless.

So there we have it, my theory about the Pixar Multi Verse.

What do you think? Do you have your own theory? Comment below and on social media.

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