50 Easter Eggs from Onward

Have you downloaded the fantastic Onward to watch yet? Or maybe you saw it at the cinema. We found 50 easter eggs, did you spot any others? Let us know in the comments.

  1. Missing Parent as in many Disney/Pixar films.
  2. Wizard of old watched by what looks like Bonnie (Toy Story 3).
  3. Rock trolls seen (Frozen)
  4. Laurel looks alot like Sadness (Inside Out)
  5. Barleys vest says Hades (Hercules) who deals with death, as does this movie.
  6. The vest also says Hydra, from the MCU.
  7. Smoat badge could be reference to Moana, a phrase said by Maui.
  8. Ians jumper shoulder is torn the same as Woodys shoulder in Toy Story 2.
  9. Laurel steps on a soldier left in the hallway, very similar to Toy Story.
  10. Aurora dish soap, nod to Sleeping Beauty.
  11. Hidden Mickey in fireworks near start
  12. Barley headlocks Ian, the same way Starlord did to Spiderman in Avengers Infinity War.
  13. Chris Pratt (Barley) and Tom Holland (Ian). Played Star Lord and Spider Man together in Avengers Infinity War.
  14. Barley often talks like Thor (Avengers), even wearing a red cape.
  15. Van is called Guinevere, Princess Guinevere appears in Sword in the Stone.
  16. Guineveres paint job appeared at the end of Toy Story 4.
  17. Barley has a mix tape in his van. Star Lord (Guardians of the Galaxy) also carries a mix tape. (Both played by Pratt).
  18. A bakery is called Sword in the Scone, a play on Sword in the Stone.
  19. There are two moons featured. Tatooine (Star Wars) also has 2 moons.
  20. Coreys vest is covered with pins and even has a server tag shaped like you would see in Disney Parks and restaurants.
  21. A frog is wearing a similar hat to Mickeys sorcerers hat.
  22. Pixar ball is on a shield
  23. Infinity Gauntlet (Infinity War) appears in Claw game in tavern.
  24. Birthday tune the same as in Emperors New Groove.
  25. Line “Your adventure will continue in a moment”. Is very similar to ride stop announcements in Disney parks.

26.  Corey’s roars sound similar to Mufasa (Lion King)

  1. Pixie Jacket has skull, similar to Sid from Toy Story.
  2. Remy (Ratatouille) is cooking in the Tavern
  3. Prizes include toy frogs from Toy Story 4
  4. Movie title: Appears in the line “Put car in O for Onward.
  5. Beanstalks appear, Gigantic a film  about Jack and the beanstalk was supposed to be released after Frozen 2. Instead it was cancelled. Onward followed Frozen 2 instead.
  6. Barley line: “The apprentice becomes the master” spoken by Darth Vader in Star Wars A New Hope.
  7. Mr Pixar John Ratzenberger appeared as a construction worker.
  8. Octavia Spencer voiced Corey/Manticore. Also voiced Mrs Otterton (Zootopia).
  9. Pizza Planet van appears when they are on the toll bridge.
  10. Toll Bridge features Cozy Cones from Cars.
  11. Pizza Planet renamed Pizza Realm.
  12. Troll similar to Mickey Mouse at toll booth.
  13. Triple Dent Gum sold at Swamp Gas, also features in Inside Out
  14. Pixar tag: A113, spoken during police call
    Badges from UP on a bulletin board.
  15. Released for Digital Download and on Disney+ in the US due to corona. A couple weeks after theatrical release.
  16. Theatrical release featured a Simpsons short, first time ever before a Disney/Pixar film.
  17. Monsters University worn by a student
  18. Pawn Shop items include a Trident (Little Mermaid), Lamp (Aladdin), Hockey Stick (Inside Out)
  19. When the van crashes, the rock could be Grizzly head rock from Disneyland
  20. Ian says the line “Whatever it takes”. Also spoken in Avengers Endgame.
  21. Dad wears Cheshire Cat socks (Alice in Wonderland)
  22. Phoenix gem is the same colour as the Soul Stone (Avengers Infinity War)
  23. Goof: When the sword goes in the car it pokes put the window the other side. Clearly too big, yet is fully in the car in the next shot.
  24. Goof: When Dads legs hold the button down for the trap door, it should have closed while he was being lifted out and off of the button.

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